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Announcements Player Research


Unlock new kits, ranks, abilities, Mana generators and more with the new /Research command!
To unlock more research, simply type in the /research command and make sure you have all the requirements (Money, EXP, Mana & correctly unlocked upgrades).




You are also able to unlock new projectiles while researching:
This ability allows you to have a particle trail that follows your arrow whenever you shoot a bow!


To enable a projectile, click on any of the selected options here and make sure you have the correct /research unlocked!.

Mob Catcher

The /mobs command has also been updated. This will now update when you have unlocked a certain mob type to catch. This does however mean that you need to buy the correct research to unlock specific mob types. There is also an ability to Mine spawners without using Mana which can be unlocked in the /research.
Use /mobs (1-8) to view the different pages.


Other updates

You are now able to catch every single type of mob (excluding wither/ender dragon) with the new /research feature.
Shops - Added rail
Added a /vomit command
Fixed Poseidon's pants and Cushioned Pads not being obtainable in custom enchants.

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If you have any bugs please report a bug here: