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  1. _Kron

    Announcements Player Research

    Research Unlock new kits, ranks, abilities, Mana generators and more with the new /Research command! To unlock more research, simply type in the /research command and make sure you have all the requirements (Money, EXP, Mana & correctly unlocked upgrades). Projectiles You are also able to...
  2. _Kron

    another introduction so you dont feel lonely

    Dang that's impressive! I've been trying to learn comptine d'un autre été lately, I've been learning from YouTube though. :ROFLMAO:
  3. _Kron

    another introduction so you dont feel lonely

    Thanks for writing an introduction! It felt a little lonely in the forums :o What sort of stuff do you play on the piano? I sometimes play the piano in my free time while I'm at work.
  4. _Kron

    Development Nations Beta 0.1

    Nations Beta has been released! NOTE: TO BE A PART OF THE BETA, POST A REPLY TO THIS THREAD OR PM ME ON DISCORD. I WILL WHITELIST YOU TO THE TEST SERVER AND SEND THE IP ADDRESS. How can you help? We're looking for feedback on the general feel of the Nation plugin. Feedback can include how...
  5. _Kron

    Pending Reasons why murdererplayZ should be staff

    Hey murdererplayZ Can you add a bit more information as to why you want to apply for this position?
  6. _Kron

    How to apply for Staff (READ ME)

    Before applying for staff, ask yourself the following questions: Have I been playing for longer than a month? Do people on the server know who I am? Do I have a clean ban record? If you answered no to any of these questions, then it's quite likely that your application will be rejected. Copy...
  7. _Kron

    Announcements Welcome to the Mana Meta Website!

    Website At the end of each month, we aim to bring you new and exciting features. For this month we're happy to announce that the Mana Meta website is finally up and running. Players are able to customize the website in the top right corner of the screen. This means that you can make the website...
  8. _Kron

    My introduction - Kron

    I've been Minecraft for a long time, some players on the server already know a bit about me, however I thought I'd share a bit about myself in a thread. I started playing Minecraft in 2012, however because I was only a kid without any money, I was on the cracked version on Minecraft (I still...